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Who we are

Located in the middle of the Orotava Valley, close to the towns of La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz and Los Realejos, at 186 metres above sea level, between the Horca Mountain ( or las Arenas mountain) and el Fraile´s Mountain ( la Montañeta), with a total area of 15330 m²:

  • Co-educational school for both boys and girls, from the second stage of Infantil to 2º Bachillerato.
  • Sport facilities: a covered pavilion, a gym, a sports centre with athletics tracks where you can practice football, basketball, handball, volleyball, etc.
  • Dining room service.
  • Personalized educational system.
  • Our aim is to have students who are able to speak Spanish and English at the end of their studies, and also we teach German as a third language, from 1º primaria.