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Infant school (2nd cycle)

infantilIn this second cycle at Infant school we intend to promote in our young students all those attitudes concerning social and academic success.

Our main objective is to achieve a clear personal development in their school surroundings, because a “happy child learns easily”.

Thus, the main task in this cycle is to develop the affective and intellectual capacities, which are really important for their future, paying full attention to each students individual needs.

Academically, the teaching of English is through an inductive method, similar to a natual one, which allows to approach the new language in a variaty of ways (singing, poetry, games, stories, etc). All this adds to the basis for the future development of the language.

Our school offers a highly qualified English department, dynamic and enthusiastic, prepared to encourage and overall development in our students.

Lessons are in the morning and afternoon.

The nursery area has excellent and safe facilities with green areas that keep our kids in contact with nature.