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Headteacher’s Welcome

First of all, I would like to welcome all parents and visitors to our school webpage.

This educational co-operative, unique in the Canary Islands, where parents are the owners, was established in 1973, has grown over the years becoming today a clear educational force and in our lovely Orotava Valley.

A lot of effort has been invested in turning our school into a fully recognised educational establishment, where students begin at the age of three at nursery school and stay with us until the age of seventeen, when they finally say goodbye in 2º Bachillerato and go to University.

Our aims are to install Discipline, Education and Knowledge.

To everyone wishing to enrol our School, let me just say, that we are here to welcome you and the trust that those who you love above any other one, your sons and daughters, here will belong to our small but at the same time big family. And those of you who belong to that far in time graduated class, remember that we will never forget about you and from this head office department we invite you to come back as soon as possible and join us in those memories which belong, not always to what is knowledge, but that love for our school which is kept inside of all of us.

And as I always say, remember: BE HAPPY!