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Cambridge Diplomas

It was not just another ordinary Thursday in our school; we were celebrating, in our gym, a new year of our great success. Cambridge English was once again here at Casa Azul and we were going to hand out diplomas to all of the students who passed exams at these levels: Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET and First Certificate.

Together with parents, students and teachers we were joined by Miss Sheila Merritt, Cambridge English consultant in Tenerife and Mr Gerard Halley, regional exams consultant. They were really pleased to see just how many children participated in these exams and did so well.

Once again Miss. Merritt reminded us that Casa Azul has the highest number of students attending these exams and giving the chance to everyone to enrolled without any preselection. She said that we must be very proud with all the work that Casa Azul is doing within the acquisition of English. After giving her speech, in English, she encouraged parents to ask their children to translate what she said, as they as English speakers would be able to do this.

Without doubt, this was a night to remember and to feel proud of our students.


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