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Admission and prices

Admission of new pupils and members of the cooperative

Casa Azul is a Cooperative whose statutes authorize it to provide educational services to members’ children and to those of third parties who are interested in their children attending our school.

As it is owned by the parents, our Cooperative only bills members for the real cost of services received. As a result, all profits at the end of the economic year are invested in renovation and improvement of school facilities (school furniture, ICT classrooms, laboratories, sports materials, etc).

In fact, if we take into account all the services offered, our school is one of the least expensive private schools in Tenerife.

Membership of our Cooperative is approved by the Board of Governors (governing, management  and representative  body of the Cooperative) once the application forms, available from and returnable to the School Office, have been filled-in and presented.

Having been temporarily accepted, the new member must pay a Cooperative Membership Fee of 751, 26 € corresponding to:

  • A non-refundable Admission Fee of 150, 25€.
  • An Obligatory Fee of 601,01€.

This fee will only be required once and is independent of the number of pupils to be enrolled.

Becoming a Member of the Cooperative gives the holder the right to participate in the taking of decisions, to supervise the Board of Governors’ management, as well as having a right over the assets in the manner established by regulations.

Members pay the yearly cost of educational services provided, divided into 12 monthly quotas/payments.

However, it is possible to make use of the educational services the school provides without becoming a Member of the Cooperative. In this case, though if at any time the maximum student/teacher ratio is reached, the children of Members of the Cooperative will have preference over those of the non-members when it comes to enrolment renewal.

In the event of choosing not to be a member, once the pupil’s enrolment has been approved, there will be an inscription fee at the beginning of each school year -one monthly payment- after the renewal for the next school year has been accepted. The cost of the educational services is the same for Members of the Cooperative as for non-members. Non-members will pay the yearly sum in 10 monthly quotas.

Prices for the school year 2014/2015

The fees for the different services during the school course of 2014/15, calculated on a 12 monthly basis are as follows:

Non regulated education

  • Maternal (3 years old)         204,00 €
  • Kinder I (4 years old)           204,00 €
  • Kinder II (5 years old)          204,00 €

Regulated education

  • 1º Primaria  (6 years old)      261,50 €
  • 2º Primaria  (7 years old)      261,50 €
  • 3º Primaria  (8 years old)      261,50 €
  • 4º Primaria  (9 years old)      261,50 €
  • 5º Primaria (10 years old)      261,50 €
  • 6º Primaria (11 years old)      261,50 €
  • 1º E.S.O. (12 years old)           273,00 €
  • 2º E.S.O. (13 years old)            266,00 €
  • 3º E.S.O. (14 years old)           289,00 €
  • 4º E.S.O. (15 years old)           289,00 €
  • 1º Bachiller (16 years old)     348,00 €
  • 2º Bachiller (17 years old)    348,00 €

* Ages are only a guide. The pupil’s year group depends on the date of birth.

Apart  from school attendance, prices include:

  1. The  projects our school offers, included in the school timetable at certain levels (such as preparation for the Cambridge ESOL examinations, the mental calculus method and financial education classes).
  2. Personal pupil reinforcement classes when esteemed necessary by the School.
  3. Daily revision classes (“recuperación”).
  4. Any necessary support via the Counselling Service.
  5. The cost inherent to the maintenance of the Cooperative.

These prices also include the Summer Course, which is offered every year during the month of August.

The school provides a school dinner service. The monthly fee for this service during the school year 2014/2015, payable in 10 monthly quotas, which correspond to the real monthly cost, are as follows:

School dinner service. Prices per pupil:

  • 1 Pupil (short month)          95,00 €
  • 1 Pupil (long month)          135,00 €

From the second sibling on, a 6.5% discount is applied to the school dinner/canteen service fee.

The school also offers an Early Care service, starting at  7.30a.m., and extra-curricular activities. Prices are available upon request at the Secretary’s Office.

For further information we are at your disposal/service via any of the following means of communication:

Cooperativa de Enseñanza Casa Azul